School Mission

Early childhood experiences, both positive and negative, are so deeply profound that they determine how we think and feel about ourselves throughout our entire lifetime. For example, if you excelled in sports as a young person, you most likely continue to feel confident as an athlete. Our mission includes the most positive experiences possible for all of our students. Imagine your child feeling confident academically, socially, and emotionally. Imagine him/her growing into adulthood with that same foundation! How can you help? First, make a commitment to always speak positively about your school, staff members, the children, and the children’s parents. Also, resist being drawn into conversations with others who seem to be speaking otherwise. Let us know how we can meet your needs and answer your questions. We genuinely care about you and truly want us all to be on the same team. All of this will greatly influence the wonderful development of our students and our staff. We will ALL flourish in an environment based upon respect!

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We are always happy to provide a guided tour of our wonderful facilities. Our staff will answer any inquiry you may have regarding our school, and can provide an admissions application for you. Montessori Stepping Stones has over 31 years of providing excellent education and care.

Using the form below, please submit your request for a tour, or feel free to leave us a message with any questions or information that you feel would be helpful to us in serving your needs… Thank you!

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